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Nov 2018
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I have tons of appearances that Aaron has attended that I need to sort thru, but Aaron went on the Late Late Show with James Corden the other night (I did manage to skip a small segment) and I’ve added HD ccreencaptures to the gallery. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to sort thru the photos and add them into the gallery! Gallery Links: – Home > Screencaptures > Talk Shows-

Oct 2018
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“It’s nice to play unpredictable,” Aaron Taylor-Johnson says. “Someone who you don’t know if they’re gonna stab you, or make you laugh.” On the whole, James Douglas – the Scottish knight who Taylor-Johnson plays in Netflix’s medieval epic Outlaw King – seems more likely to do the former. As the right-hand man to Chris Pine’s Robert the Bruce (a less ridiculous casting choice than it might sound), Douglas is a

Oct 2018
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Aaron Taylor-Johnson appeared to say goodbye to his Marvel character Quicksilver when he shared a farewell tweet after Avengers 4 had officially wrapped up. And even though he’d teased fans that the much loved hero would meet his maker, the actor then backtracked on his words at the ACE Comic Con. Chatting on the panel, he insisted that his comment was not a spoiler and reassured his followers that no

Oct 2018
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The Marvel character made his debut in Avengers: Age Of Ultron, and didn’t even survive until the end credits. After so much hype surrounded his arrival, which came in tandem with Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch, it has long been speculated that he could come back in some capacity one day. With Avengers 4 fan theories covering just about every possibility under the sun, Quicksilver’s name has often been touted. However,

Oct 2018
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I’ve finally added the instagram photos that Aaron Taylor-Johnson has added to his instagram. Enjoy the 200+ photos added! Gallery Links: – Home > Misc > Personal Photos > Aaron’s Instagram

Dec 2017
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Gallery Links: – Home > Candids > 2017 > January 5th: Leaving Bradley Coopers Birthday Bash Party in Los Angeles

Dec 2017
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Gallery Links: – Home > Public Appearances > 2017 > December 3rd: The Trevor Project’s 2017 TrevorLIVE LA