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There are major SPOILERS for Infinity War below, so read ahead at your own risk. Aaron Taylor-Johnson was spotted in Atlanta on the set of Avengers 4. After the events of Infinity War, it appears Quicksilver may be returning to the fold. The character was first introduced in Age of Ultron and killed off to help the story arc of his sister, Wanda. Plus, Joss Whedon, who directed the movie, has a fondness of introducing characters and then killing them off. But it seems that Quicksilver will make a quick return in Avengers 4.

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According to the site Average Socialite we could possibly see Aaron Taylor Johnson at the L.A. Premiere of Avengers: Infinity War. If that is the case, I’ll try and have up-to-date photos of him attending. You can view the video above for the live coverage of the Premiere.

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AVENGERS 4 could include a major dead hero and villain after British star Aaron Taylor Johnson was reportedly spotted filming on the Atlanta set. Avengers Infinity War has just released the new trailer and fans are already looking to Avengers 4.

The second part of the Infinity Gauntlet saga is currently filming in Atlanta and reports and photographs from the set have sent fans into a frenzy.

There have already been surprising images of Iron Man, Thor and Hulk that seem to confirm a major theory that could potentially bring back any formerly dead hero or villain from the entire franchise. Now a much-missed character who was shockingly killed off in a previous movie has also been spotted on set while other actors who played fallen characters have been popping up in social media posts with Avengers stars.

What is going on? Could the Marvel timeline get any more tangled?

Spanish fan site Marvel Spoiler Oficial is announcing sightings of Quicksilver. The report said: “More witnesses from the filming in Atlana report that they saw Aaron Taylor-Johnson on the Avengers 4 set.”

The brother of Scarlet Witch was unexpectedly killed in Age of Ultron so how can he possibly be back? Although the site stresses that this is “just a rumour” it certainly ties in with the increasingly likely idea that Avengers 4 will feature a major alternate timeline plot.

Similar reports also place Crossbones star Frank Grillo in Atlanta with the cast. The mercenary was killed in Captain America Cvil War.

Shots of Chris Hemswoth as Thor have shown him sporting long hair which means the new scenes being filmed must take place before the events of Thor Ragarok when his famous locks are cropped off.

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CAA has been negotiating the release of the rights of James Frey’s 2003 book from Warners, and the package is expected to be launched at the upcoming American Film Market.

The big-screen adaptation of James Frey’s best-seller A Million Little Pieces is being reassembled, this time as a team-up between husband-and-wife duo Aaron Johnson and Sam Taylor-Johnson.

The 2003 book was once one of the hottest properties in town but became radioactive after Frey was exposed for inventing or embellishing parts of the story that was originally dubbed a memoir. Warner Bros. won the book in a bidding war in 2003 and set it up with producer Brad Pitt and his then-Plan B partners Jennifer Aniston and Brad Grey. Frey wrote the first version of the screenplay.

But then Frey was outed by The Smoking Gun, and both he and the book became toxic, complete with an Oprah Winfrey takedown after she felt duped by the book, which Winfrey selected for her book club.

But no one ever disputed the power of the story Frey wrote about a young man who awakens on an airplane to Chicago, with no recollection of his injuries or of how he ended up on the plane. He then heads to a rehab and begins his journey to sobriety. And the Taylor-Johnsons saw the appeal of the substance abuse tale and began adapting a screenplay earlier this year in which Aaron will star, with Sam directing.

The pair previously collaborated on the film Nowhere Boy, which chronicled John Lennon’s early years.

CAA has been negotiating the release of the rights from Warners, and the package is expected to be launched at the upcoming American Film Market, with Sierra/Affinity (Atomic Blonde) poised to handle international sales.

In a May interview with THR, Sam Taylor-Johnson talked about a secret project that she and her husband were working on together, saying, “We are already parents that run our house, so when we work together it’s the best.”

Sam Taylor-Johnson, who directed the adaptation of another mega-best-seller, Fifty Shades of Grey, most recently helmed episodes of the short-lived Netflix series Gypsy. She is repped by CAA, Brillstein Entertainment Partners and attorney David Weber.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson starred in the Kick-Ass movies, played Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron and starred in Godzilla. But he also has plenty of non-tentpole work on his résumé, with recent roles including those in Tom Ford’s Nocturnal Animals and Doug Liman’s war thriller The Wall. He is now shooting Outlaw King, David MacKenzie’s follow-up to his breakout crime thriller, Hell or Hight Water. He is repped by UTA, Brillstein Entertainment Partners and Sloane Offer.

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