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Oct 2018
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Aaron Taylor-Johnson appeared to say goodbye to his Marvel character Quicksilver when he shared a farewell tweet after Avengers 4 had officially wrapped up. And even though he’d teased fans that the much loved hero would meet his maker, the actor then backtracked on his words at the ACE Comic Con. Chatting on the panel, he insisted that his comment was not a spoiler and reassured his followers that no

Oct 2018
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The Marvel character made his debut in Avengers: Age Of Ultron, and didn’t even survive until the end credits. After so much hype surrounded his arrival, which came in tandem with Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch, it has long been speculated that he could come back in some capacity one day. With Avengers 4 fan theories covering just about every possibility under the sun, Quicksilver’s name has often been touted. However,

Dec 2017
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AVENGERS 4 could include a major dead hero and villain after British star Aaron Taylor Johnson was reportedly spotted filming on the Atlanta set. Avengers Infinity War has just released the new trailer and fans are already looking to Avengers 4. The second part of the Infinity Gauntlet saga is currently filming in Atlanta and reports and photographs from the set have sent fans into a frenzy. There have already

Oct 2017
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CAA has been negotiating the release of the rights of James Frey’s 2003 book from Warners, and the package is expected to be launched at the upcoming American Film Market. The big-screen adaptation of James Frey’s best-seller A Million Little Pieces is being reassembled, this time as a team-up between husband-and-wife duo Aaron Johnson and Sam Taylor-Johnson. The 2003 book was once one of the hottest properties in town but

Aug 2017
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Back in 2015, Aaron did press with Elizabeth Olsen for Avengers: Age of Ultron. These interviews are fun and amazing to watch. I’ve added 243 HD quality screen captures. Sadly these aren’t in full HD but they are in HD quality. Gallery Links: – Home > Screencaptures > Interviews > Sugarscape interview with Elizabeth Olsen for Avengers Age of Ultron [April 23rd, 2015]

Aug 2017
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I’ve now added blu-ray captures of The Wall in which Aaron portrays an American solider in the enemy line of a dangerous sniper with just a wall between him and the sniper. Aaron did such a great job and right now I believe it’s out on HD Digital but won’t be on DVD/Blu-Ray until August 15th, 2017. Gallery Links: – Home > Movie Productions > The Wall > Movie Screencaptures:

Aug 2017
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British star Aaron Taylor-Johnson has revealed that his latest war movie is so distressing he may never let his children see it. The 27-year-old spent time training with US military personnel to prepare for his role as a sniper’s spotter in The Wall. It sees him play a beleaguered soldier who is pinned down by a crack-shot Iraqi. Particularly disturbing scenes see him dressing a wound to his knee as