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July 24, 2019   Joshua   0 Comment Feature Film, Photos, Screencaptures, The Wall

Gallery Links: – Home > Film Productions > 2017: The Wall > MOVIE SCREENCAPTURES- BLU-RAY CAPTURES

I’ve gone ahead and replaced the DVD captures of Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging in the gallery with HD ones. These are sadly 720p but you can enjoy over 800+ captures in the gallery. We’ve even added over 200 + extra from the previous DVD captures we did have. Gallery Links: – Home > Film […]

June 29, 2019   Joshua   0 Comment Feature Film, Photos, Savages, Screencaptures

I’ve gone ahead and added the ‘Savages’ ccreencaptures that I had previously on the site. When we merged the galleries, I didn’t add these captures. You can now enjoy 1,596 1080p screen-captures in the gallery! Gallery Links: – Home > Film Productions > 2012: Savages > MOVIE SCREENCAPTURES- BLU-RAY CAPTURES

November 10, 2018   Joshua   0 Comment Outlaw King

– DOUGLAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!! F*ck, yeah! Check our gallery, updated with screen captures of Aaron scenes in Outlaw King, being amazing as Black Douglas. For obvious reasons, I’d avoid without watching the movie first, due spoilers. Enjoy! Film Productions > 2018 | Outlaw King > Screen Captures: Movie

November 6, 2018   Joshua   0 Comment Outlaw King, Public Appearances

Our gallery was updated with pictures from an Outlaw King press conference Aaron attended yesterday in Los Angeles. Public Appearances > 2018 > Nov 05 | ‘Outlaw King’ Press Conference