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Godzilla – Promotional Photos & International Trailer

I’ve added promotional stills, posters, and behind the scenes for the movie Godzilla. Check them out in our gallery or by clicking on the images below


Film and TV Productions > Film Productions > 2014 | Godzilla

Also, Warner Bros has released a new Godzilla international trailer and is really awesome! Check it out!

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Aaron Taylor-Johnson on Bryan Cranston and the ‘intimate’ nature of ‘Godzilla’

Hitfix visited the set of the film, and chatted with stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Aaron claimed that “Godzilla” doesn’t feel much bigger than the small indies in which he’s appeared.

“When you think about Gareth Edwards and his ethos of working and what he’s done before, it’s really just as small and intimate as an independent would feel like,” the actor mused. “It’s very family-oriented in a sense. It’s a small group of people and we’re all working together to create. It’s great relationships with the filmmakers and producers and the cinematographer I’ve worked with before [Seamus McGarvey also shot “Nowhere Boy” and “Anna Karenina”]. It doesn’t feel like it’s on a huge scale and I don’t think I’ve really done much green screen considering the amount of special effects that will be needed. We’re shooting on location and they put it in afterwards. It’s not being shot in 3D. You don’t get a sense of this huge blockbuster type of feel, it’s got a raw energy. Raw and intimate.”

While audiences will get to react to Godzilla’s enormity and scaly visage, Taylor-Johnson and the rest of the cast (which also includes Elizabeth Olsen and Juliette Binoche) had to rely on their imagination — and trust Edwards’ vision.

“Yeah there was one time when we were on location…the first time we see the monster rise up,” Taylor-Johnson recalled. “And I remember saying to Gareth, ‘well how big is it then?’ And he says, ‘it’s about 300 feet. But then he’s really wide and the legs can come down here and here.’ And so we do that and I ask, ‘am I shocked?’ And he says, ‘no.’ It’s just working, you have to keep in touch. You can watch pre-viz, but he’s really great at being communicative and saying what he thinks.”

Like Steven Spielberg did in “Jaws” and “Jurassic Park,” Edwards will tease the audiences with glimpses of the beast here and there.

“It’s more from point-of-views and people’s perspectives of it,” Taylor-Johnson continued. “You’d be in a car and see it through the [window]. You’re a part of it, the audience. You’re starting to see it and then it comes on to TV screens or news channels. It’s trying to sort of break it [the direct look at Gozilla] up a bit so it’s not just, ‘here’s a great big monster fight.’ That sort of stuff is being developed as we go along. The pre-viz they did was pretty much the whole movie, but the art directors are still tweaking those creatures.”

Read more at hitfix.com

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‘Kick-Ass 2’ stills, poster, behind the scenes, and more

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‘Anna Karenina’ Stills, Posters, BTS, and Promotional Photoshoot added

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Film and TV Productions > Film Productions > 2012 | Anna Karenina

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‘Savages’ Stills, Posters, BTS, and Promotional Photoshoot added

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Film and TV Productions > Film Productions > 2012 | Savages

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