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Nov 2018
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I have tons of appearances that Aaron has attended that I need to sort thru, but Aaron went on the Late Late Show with James Corden the other night (I did manage to skip a small segment) and I’ve added HD ccreencaptures to the gallery. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to sort thru the photos and add them into the gallery! Gallery Links: – Home > Screencaptures > Talk Shows-

Oct 2017
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Aaron has been pretty quite, so I’ve decided to add to the gallery an interview that Aaron did while promoting Nocturnal Animals. Gallery Links: – Home > Screencaptures > Interviews > DP/30 Interview (Nocturnal Animals) [Janurary 2nd, 2017]

Aug 2017
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Today, they released the video of the commercial that Aaron shot for Gentleman Givenchy. I’ve went a little overboard with the screencapping since it was only a minute long. Enjoy the HD captures! Gallery Links: – Home > Screencaptures > Commercials > Gentleman Givenchy (2017)

Aug 2017
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Back in 2015, Aaron did press with Elizabeth Olsen for Avengers: Age of Ultron. These interviews are fun and amazing to watch. I’ve added 243 HD quality screen captures. Sadly these aren’t in full HD but they are in HD quality. Gallery Links: – Home > Screencaptures > Interviews > Sugarscape interview with Elizabeth Olsen for Avengers Age of Ultron [April 23rd, 2015]

Aug 2017
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I’ve now added blu-ray captures of The Wall in which Aaron portrays an American solider in the enemy line of a dangerous sniper with just a wall between him and the sniper. Aaron did such a great job and right now I believe it’s out on HD Digital but won’t be on DVD/Blu-Ray until August 15th, 2017. Gallery Links: – Home > Movie Productions > The Wall > Movie Screencaptures:

Jul 2017
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Gallery Links: – Home > Movie Productions > Dummy > Movie Screencaptures: DVD Captures

May 2017
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Gallery Links: – Home > Screencaptures > Award Shows > Aaron Taylor-Johnson Wins Best Supporting Actor at the 2017 Golden Globes [January 8th, 2017]