Aaron talks some Kick-Ass details in a new interview with Comic Book Movie. Also, a couple of new stills from the movie have been added to the gallery. Enjoy!

With the first volume of Kick-Ass coming to a close yesterday, CBR News sat down with the British actor who will bring Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr.’s superhero to life on the big screen!

So, how does it feel to be Kick-Ass?
It’s fun, man. It was quite a shock, because it was a real battle. I was just in the right place at the right time, and I got the job and everything. But yeah, it was quite exciting. It was kind of like a boy’s dream. I get to dress up like a superhero and do an action movie. So, yeah, it’s really good fun. And I’m enjoying it.

Have you been doing a lot of stunt training and working out? Or are you naturally agile and athletic? Did you play a lot of sports growing up?
I did do a lot of activities when I was younger. And I did a lot of dance, as well. So it’s easier for me to learn the choreography. But we haven’t done lots. Chloë Moretz, who plays Hit Girl, has done about two months worth of crazy, hardcore training, but she has a lot of flips, and leaps and jumps. My character just gets the shit beat out of him, but we did a couple of weeks of choreography.

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Joshua Photos

I’ve added this amazing new shoot of Aaron which I guess it’s to promote “Nowhere Boy”. Enjoy!

Last night was the London premiere of ‘Nowhere Boy’ at BAFTA and Aaron was in attendance. I’ve added the pictures in the gallery, enjoy!

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I’ve updated the gallery with the pictures of Aaron promoting ‘Nowhere Boy’ with Sam in the 27th Torino Film Festival two weeks ago! They’re definitely worth checking out.

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I’ve added the screencaptures of the first Kick-Ass teaser trailer in HD to the gallery. Check them out!

Also, our gallery is sporting a new layout. I hope you like it!